Random Thoughts of a Strange Mind, Part 2

I found this little article in my folder of Website blogs, and though it’s short and maybe incomplete, I decided to post it to fulfill my PR company’s desire for new material.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if all of today’s modern technology existed with the exception of maps? Imagine self-driving cars without any guidance.

Imagine everyone on TV speaking in Shakespearean English.

What if checkers was the most complicated board game and chess was played by infants.

Babe Ruth’s first season with the Yankees was 100 years ago. There are people still alive who might have gone to those games. I bet they could afford a hot dog and a Coke back then.

Zoom used to be the marketing strategy for an automobile company. (Zoom Zoom)

Only outlaws in the Old West wore masks. (and The Lone Ranger)

Books had to be held in your hands and opened page by page to read them. (Please buy one of my books! I need the dollar I earn in royalties to pay for all the masks I have to buy.)

School was actually a building you took a bus to get to. Unless you had to walk like I did. Ten miles uphill each way… you know the rest.

I wish a corona was still a typewriter. (That’s from a song, but I can’t think of the title right now. Help me out.)

Why are my grandkids able to write their own computer programs, and I struggle to turn on my flip phone?

What ever happened to all those kiosks that used to be in every parking lot. You could pull up in your car, hand them your film (do any cameras still use film?) come back the next day and they would give you actual printed photographs.

I miss the lady who used to sit in the little glass box that stuck out from the top floor of the Sears store in downtown SoHam (excuse me downtown Joliet) She would announce where you could find an empty parking space.

Is the Dollar Store an off shoot of the White Store that used to be downtown? Not everything in the Dollar Store costs a dollar, and not everything in The White Store was white.

I dislike canned crowd noise nearly as much as the canned laughter from old TV sitcoms. (If you aren’t a football fan, you may ignore this comment.)

I think Joe Walsh should run for president because You Can’t Argue With a Sick Mind.

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