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I had arrived in this part of the Utah desert by following national forest and BLM dirt roads from Coshoctin Grove. That was five days ago.

I was now fifty-five miles away, as the desert hawk flies. And no one knew I was here.

I shielded my eyes from the sun and gazed at the vertical wall to my left. I saw the remains of a cliff dwelling. When I saw something reach out, I staggered back, tripped over a rock and landed on my butt on top of a cactus. I yelled involuntarily. I continued to stare and realized the thing I saw was an arm and a hand holding something.

The hand’s owner dropped the white object. I watched it smack into the detritus fifty feet away, bounce into the sky, roll down the slope, and end up in four pieces fifteen feet away. I shuddered when I realized I was looking at pieces of a human skull.

So begins Rhett Carter and Bandit’s adventure overlanding through the American West in his Wrangler Rubicon.

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The “Emmy’s Story” series begins when Emmy is four-years-old and quickly progresses to focus on her teen years and beyond. In this book, “Change Is Good: Emmy’s Story, Part 20,” two of Emmy’s closest friends move out of state to begin new lives. and COVID-19 continues to force changes in everyday life.

When I started writing about Emmy, Kenny and all their friends, I thought it would be a single book.This is book number twenty in the series, and I am currently outlining number twenty-one. Thanks for the support and encouragement to keep telling Emmy’s story.

Other Recently Released Books

These stories have been written

over the course of several years

though often quickly.

Some were written for my own amusement.

Others were written for family and friends.

Many of these adventures are adapted

from the blogs on my website.

All are meant to be lighthearted entertainment.

Since my editor was busy making dinner,

I didn’t bother to edit these stories.

The mistakes that existed on the website

are still here, so deal with it.

Okay, dinner is almost ready and my editor

insisted I do some editing or else she

won’t iron my underwear.

I did just enough to trick her. 

The “Emmy’s Story” series begins when Emmy is

four-years-old and quickly progresses to focus

on her teen years and beyond.

In this book, “Life Goes On: Emmy’s Story, Part 19,”

Emmy’s fortieth birthday celebration

is interrupted by news from her sister.

Mr. Robertson used his binoculars and then pointed.

“There’s the barn, and I can see the herd a few miles up the valley.”

Tobias Tawney, the ranch foreman,

spotted the herd of close to two hundred animals.

“They haven’t moved far from their position last week.”

The pilot, Lyle Claypool, set the craft down in a clearing

on the opposite side of the barn and outbuildings

from the herd of Scottish Highland cattle.

Mr. Robertson ducked and stayed low until past the blades.

He walked quickly around the buildings and

used his binoculars to check his herd of prized animals.

“Let’s check the line cabin now. I want to make sure it’s well stocked.”

They returned to the chopper and Claypool set down

within a hundred yards of the rustic cabin.

“I’ll keep it idling for now.”

“Someone has been busy chopping wood,” Mr. Robertson said.

He opened the door and they stepped inside.

The light through the windows on either side of the

one-room cabin created a haze of dust particles.

Mr. Robertson smiled as he noticed the shelves were stocked with

pork and beans and large cans of Dinfield Miller beef stew.

“The winter crew knows how to eat well,” Tobias said.

“I am rather fond of it myself,” Mr. Robertson said.

Suddenly, he hunched over and grabbed his arm.

“What is it, boss?”

“Chest pain,” he muttered. “Hurts like a mother.”