Now There are Dewberry Pies In Heaven

Now there are dewberry pies in heaven because my aunt Lorna is making them. I just got off the phone with Ray, and he shared the news that his mother had passed away peacefully yesterday at the age of 95. My aunt was the only person I’ve ever known who knew how to make dewberry pies.

Lorna was the younger sister of my father and his twin brother who both passed away years ago. The last time I saw Aunt Lorna in person was when Ray and Patty brought her up to see Mom in the nursing home. We teased each other as we always did when I was a kid, and Mom really appreciated the visit.

Sometime in the near future I will drive down to the St. Louis area for a memorial service. It will be great to see family, but it’s a shame our lives are so busy, these are the only occasions that bring families together. Ray promised to share the details whenever they are finalized, and he said he understood if I couldn’t make it to the service. I was at the service for Uncle Earl, and I told Ray I would be there unless I was in the hospital. He mentioned having a foot of snow. I said that might deter my chances of making it to the service, but it wouldn’t stop me. I’m pretty sure trains still run no matter how much snow falls. I might have to rent a snowmobile or ride a horse, but I will make it to the service.

Last August I wrote a blog about dewberries If you want to learn more about dewberry pies, check it out.

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    1. Thank you, Denise. The man in the gray shirt is my cousin Ray. Aunt Lorna appears to have shrunk as I grew older. She used to be taller than me… about 60 years ago. The other lady in the photo is Ray’s late wife Patti. She passed away over a year ago from cancer. She was diagnosed and a month later was gone. It has been hard on Ray, but he is coping.

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