Random Thoughts of a Strange Mind, Part 4

It’s been a while since I posted a blog about my random thoughts. Here’s Part 4.

Uh… Hmmm… Ah!… Nope, that was just a sneeze. Hmmm… Uh… Wait! I can feel a thought trying to creep into my… No, just the cat trying to wake me up to go outside. The cat. Not me.

Why are thoughts so difficult to capture this morning?

Hey! I just had a random thought without realizing it.

Okay, here’s one.

Why does one NBA team build a huge lead, twenty-five points or more, in the third quarter of the game only to allow the other team to make a frantic comeback and make the game exciting (or at least close) in the final few minutes? Are the 2021 NBA playoffs basketball’s version of professional wrestling of the 60s?

Does Tom Brady ever lose a game in Fantasy Football? I sure hope so.

I spent the first sixty plus years of my life without knowing anyone who reached the age of 100. Now I know two people who’ve reached, and in one case surpassed, that milestone. Am I getting older? Did I actually know one or two centenarians in my youth without realizing it? Will I become a centenarian one day?

Speaking of centenarians… How expensive will tickets be for the Rolling Stones tour when Mick and Keith turn 100? (FYI, they were both born in 1943, but Mick is actually a few months older. Go figure.)

Is this still the Age of Aquarius, or has it passed? I haven’t heard any songs about the new age.

Does Top 40 AM radio still exist in remote parts of the world? Are there reruns of the WLS Silver Dollar Survey show? If so, does anyone buy 45s at their local record store anymore? If not, does anyone know of a local record store within 50 miles of Bluff, Utah?

If the entire world population develops Alzheimer’s, how will we know?

Would the United States be in such a mess if Millard Fillmore was still in office?

What did bloggers do before the Internet existed?

Will the entire Library of Congress soon fit onto a USB flash drive?

Will horse and buggies make a comeback if the current computer chip shortage for automobile manufacturers continues for another twenty years? If so, who will clean the streets? I’m hanging onto my 1960 Chevy Corvair just in case.

Did JoJo ever get back home to Tucson?

Does it really matter if the mayo goes on the chicken sandwich before the pickles? (Read my blog about Taco Salad if you don’t think it matters.)

When teenagers (does that term still exist?) of the 2020s reach their 60s, will they remember the music of their teens? Will they frown on the music of their grandchildren? Will Ringo still be alive?

Will emojis totally replace our current alphabet soon? Forget about cursive writing. Save the alphabet! No infant ever sings about emojis, but they all sing the ABC song.

Will some future entrepreneur open a museum to showcase masks of the COVID era?

Will the 10 billionth person on earth receive recognition as such? Perhaps, their own reality show? Free Big Macs for an entire year? Ten billion dollars in cash? Maybe a case of bottled water? (Yeah, sometimes my random thoughts are deeper than you realize.)

And a picture of Millard Fillmore just so people remember.

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