The TV Westerns of My Youth, Part 3

Okay, I’m cheating here. This blog should be titled The TV Westerns of My Old Age, Part 1, but since I have the other series, I decided not to change the name.

I’ve written about watching Westerns in my youth, but I admit I still watch them now that I’m nearing… pick a number that makes you think of an old geezer. Technology is great. I can sit in my office in my comfy recliner, put my feet up and watch any number of cowboys stars. I can travel through time by clicking a mouse.

I have a list of movies in my queue, and most of them are pretty good. A few are okay, even fewer are exceptional, but occasionally I come across a real dud. In the past… In my younger years… sounds better, I would get a book from the library and read it in it’s entirety no matter what. If the book was horrible, I would finish it just to prove I could slog through anything. The same with a movie. Once I began watching, I had to watch the entire thing. Fortunately, I would sometimes fall asleep, but I would wake up in time for the ending. A cliffhanger ending would sometimes salvage a clunker movie.

Now that I’m an old geezer… you have to pick the age when one becomes an old geezer… I have learned to hit the stop button. Since old geezers have a limited amount of time left in this world, I don’t want to waste my time on bad Westerns. For example, the other day I started watching what I thought would be a promising movie. There weren’t any big stars in it, and it was a fairly recent production. I’m not talking about geologic time, but real time. You know since humans have been around. Anyway, the premise sounded okay, the title piqued my interest, and the first thirty minutes of the movie were… can you picture me tilting my hand back and forth? So-so. It wasn’t the worst movie I had ever seen, but as more time passed, this movie became a strong contender for the worst Western ever made.

I reluctantly admitted my mistake. I sighed and got up from my recliner. I shook my head and hit the infamous ‘stop button.’ I didn’t even check the remaining time. Had it been only a minute, it would not have changed matters. I cleared the movie from my list.

I might wait a few days before I start watching the Hopalong Cassidy movies again… for the umpteenth time… but at least they keep me awake. Most of the time. Hey! Old geezers need afternoon naps.

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