Random Thoughts of a Strange Mind, Part 3

Yesterday I received the tests results from my recent visit to my doctor. I had been feeling a bit off, so I had made an appointment. He called me personally and said it could be a couple things. He thought it was most likely I was suffering from prosopagnosia exasperated by a mild case of pleurodynia. His other thought was I could have contracted a rare form of emmetropia. His diagnosis sounded rather minascious. I asked him how this happened or where it could have started. He replied the likely source was my abomasum and then asked if I had been having trouble with deglutition. I assured him that was not the case and had not heard any borborygmus, either. He asked if I was taking care of my clepsydra, and I assured him I was following his directions.

I suppressed my cacoethes and refrained from coprolalia. Being an accomplished deipnosophist with hundreds of hours of experience, I decided to take an alternative approach to this tangent. I reminded him of my discobolus. He hemmed and hawed but admitted he had forgotten about that. I jokingly told him to review his course in haruspex.

He suggested I take Benthos daily. If I could find the generic form, Zopissa, that would suffice. I asked if that would interact with my DWAAL, and he assured me the chances were negligible. Since he specialized in posology, I acquiesced to his superior knowledge and assured him I would reduce my emacity accordingly. Considering myself an opsimath in the field, I took his advice with considerable omophagy. At first I considered his suggestion to be rather mumpsimus and asked him about taking Gasconade to avoid dehydration. He replied I could but only if I obnubilate it first.

After following his advice for a week my H-W-Y-L had improved vastly. I talked to him again and he said my results were absolutely incunabula. I decided to celebrate and order an extra large pogey for lunch with adscititious flews. My wife is disgusted by this, but pogeys have been a staple of my diet from childhood. Some of my relatives add extra fipple to make it crunchier.

After answering the door and turning away a colporteur, I resumed working on my blog with the enthusiasm of a croze. The words flowed mellifluously and I was able to complete the article in only a chiliad. Granted time can be very fugacious, but I try to keep to a schedule and stay away from the local howff. After backing up all my folders to a new bawbee, I unwrapped a chocolate Bezoar and enjoyed a break.

Though I’m not often impressed by the concinnity of my blogs. I felt a great deal of shallop after accomplishing my goal of rubricating the manuscript. I printed it and tossed it in the sternutator for safekeeping.

Thankfully this is a story with a eucatastrophe. I just wish I could remember where I placed my brand new dariole. Perhaps the stylite had moved it deasilly.

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