The Journey of Eniarrol Nosilla

This is a true account of my travels through the world as it existed at the time. My name is Eniarrol Nosilla and I was born in the village of Amlaopolis in the valley of Minkundy. My parents worked as scribes for the leader of our region of the Zartanoahan Empire. As such we were accorded great privileges. I was taught by my older sisters, Allebasi and Imeon, and learned to read and speak several dialects.

When I reached the age of fourteen, I left home with my faithful companion, Nimajneb, and began my explorations with enough provisions to last through the season. I journeyed on foot out of Amlaopolis and climbed the high, snow-covered mountains surrounding the village. No one in my family had ever ventured over the jagged peaks. I was eager to discover a world beyond.

The journey up the mountains took several days and Nimajneb followed in my footsteps. Even with four paws he would often sink into the deep snow, and I would carry him part of the time. We would build shelters out of the snow and keep warm in our coats of animal fur. Nimajneb didn’t have to wear a coat since he was covered in thick fur.

We climbed higher and higher until we reached the top of the world. Everywhere I looked I could see more and more peaks jabbing the sky like the points of an arrow. At the bottom of the valley I saw a tiny ribbon of water. It resembled the River of Paran which divided our village in two. I knew our survival depended on reaching this source of life.

I would have thought going down the mountains would be easier. However, Nimajneb and I learned quickly it was not true. We had descended only a few hundred feet when the snow gave way and we tumbled down a chute. Fortunately, previous avalanches had cleared the area of trees. After locating most of my supplies and making sure neither of us had sustained any broken bones, we continued winding our way over the snow-covered landscape.

We made camp that night on the edge of a crevasse. I tried to see the bottom in the morning without success. We ate two pieces of dried fish and searched for a way across. As we moved toward the sun, the land became more level, and I saw the first tree since starting our descent. The great field of snow, ice and boulders transitioned into a meadow of green grass taller than either of us.

I gripped the leather-bound handle of my sharpened ivory walking stick and used it to part the grass. Nimajneb and I moved cautiously as the wind moved the blades like the waves on a lake. We worked our way through the jungle of dense vegetation for an hour without a clue of our direction.

Suddenly, I heard a growl everyone who lived in Zartanoah knew too well. I crouched and Nimajneb flattened to the ground. I unsheathed my knife with its blade of sharpened lava stone and waited. A second later a shadow blocked the sun as the giant beast leaped into the air.

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