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The “Emmy’s Story” series begins when Emmy is

four-years-old and quickly progresses to focus

on her teen years and beyond.

In this book, “A Return To Normal: Emmy’s Story, Part 21,”

COVID-19 continues to force changes in everyday life.

A man from the Colwell’s past returns to South Hampshire.

Kenny’s parents are forced to make a decision

that will affect the entire family.

Delaney slowly smoked his cigarette.

He tapped out the last one, lit it

and tossed the empty pack toward the street.

It landed at the edge of the grass.

He drew in a deep puff and pulled a wrinkled photograph

from the back pocket of his faded black jeans.

He frowned as he stared at the slightly out-of-focus photo.

He turned it over and saw the blurry writing.

He knew the words by heart.

“I know you don’t live here anymore, and haven’t for a long time.

I don’t know exactly where Bristol Ridge is, but I’ll find it.

I have unfinished business with you.”


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I had arrived in this part of the Utah desert by following national forest and BLM dirt roads from Coshoctin Grove. That was five days ago.

I was now fifty-five miles away, as the desert hawk flies. And no one knew I was here.

I shielded my eyes from the sun and gazed at the vertical wall to my left. I saw the remains of a cliff dwelling. When I saw something reach out, I staggered back, tripped over a rock and landed on my butt on top of a cactus. I yelled involuntarily. I continued to stare and realized the thing I saw was an arm and a hand holding something.

The hand’s owner dropped the white object. I watched it smack into the detritus fifty feet away, bounce into the sky, roll down the slope, and end up in four pieces fifteen feet away. I shuddered when I realized I was looking at pieces of a human skull.

So begins Rhett Carter and Bandit’s adventure overlanding through the American West in his Wrangler Rubicon.

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Kenneth Lee McGee is the pen name of Ken McGee. Ken was born in a small town in Southern Illinois in 1952. Both parents taught in the local schools. The family moved to the suburbs of Chicago in the early sixties. McGee enjoyed writing at an early age, but the talent remained dormant and undeveloped for over forty years. He married his high school sweetheart in 1973, worked for a grocery retailer for over thirty years and then retired. He enjoyed sports as a youth and that continued into adulthood. He played basketball in various leagues until he realized he couldn’t compete with the younger players. He found the sport of cycling, joined a local bike club and even joined a racing team. Along the way he and his wife raised a son and daughter.

A few years later, he found his true role. He became a grandfather. Now that he had the time, he resumed writing. He wrote short stories about lost lonely lions, kitty cats who could speak, and puppies who didn’t know their own strength for his granddaughter. Over the years more grandchildren were born. McGee decided to write a story about two kids growing up in the fictional city of South Hampshire. The book turned into the Emmy’s Story series and even the spin-off Annie Mercer O’Dell books. He continues to write under the name Kenneth Lee McGee and credits WriteOn Joliet for teaching him the skills to become a better author. McGee and his wife of forty-five years live in the Plainfield, Illinois, area, are active in their local church and spend many hours indulging their grandchildren.


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